Our patented Lubricant Catch Cup

We also regularly develop our own products. Here we show you our patented lubricant drip tray for round toothed racks with the patent number: 10 2017 115 500.
Zweiteilige Ölwanne für Rundzahnstangen V7

It is a collecting tray for standardized round toothed racks. These round toothed racks are very often used in mechanical engineering, for example for table drives with gears. These drives must be permanently lubricated with grease or oil and there is often no cost-effective and well-fitting solution to catch the excess lubricant.

The machine operators then have a high cleaning effort, an increased risk of accidents due to slippery surfaces and the dirt often also influences the product quality and pollutes the environment when the lubricant reaches the floor.

Our catch tray is in two parts and can easily be mounted on the toothed rack afterwards thanks to its snap-in lock. The lubricant can be completely collected by the integrated seals.

Here we have our corresponding patent certificate NR: 10 2017 115 500:

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