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PROTEC3D stands for outstanding quality in Multi Jet Modeling (MJM) 3D printing. With our MJM 3D printing service, we realize sophisticated 3D printed prototypes and illustrative models from a variety of combinable photopolymers with impressive attention to detail.

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Our MJM 3D printing process guarantees a smooth realization of your project from the initial idea to the high-quality end product. Our expertise and experience support you in all phases of product development.

Complex components with PolyJet technology

Advantages of the MJM process

PolyJet process in detail

Applications of MJM 3D printing

MJM is ideal for applications that require maximum accuracy. You can find an overview of the many possible applications here:

  • Highest precision for precision mechanics: MJM is ideal for industries that require the highest precision, such as the manufacture of precision mechanical parts or micro components in the electronics industry.
  • Excellent surface quality: Ideal for visible prototypes and sample parts.
  • Product development: MJM supports designers and developers in creating realistic prototypes with various materials and in different colors in order to comprehensively evaluate design concepts.
  • Medical devices and instruments: In the medical industry, MJM enables the production of individualized surgical tools or prostheses that require an exact fit and specific requirements.
  • Rapid prototyping: Efficient development and customization of plastic products.
The right material for every application

Popular materials in the MJM process

Special material for medical applications

Features: Robust, flexible and versatile.

Special resins

Properties: For the most diverse requirements in terms of aesthetics and functionality.


Properties: For the production of gaskets with different degrees of hardness.

MJM 3D printing with PROTEC3D

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Use the advanced Multi Jet Modeling technology for your next project. As a 3D printing service provider with over 10 years of experience, we know exactly what is important. Contact us today and accelerate your product development.

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