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PROTEC3D is your competent partner for customized solutions in the field of selective laser melting (SLM). Our SLM 3D printing service enables the production of complex metal prototypes and components with the highest precision and quality.

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Our SLM rapid prototyping process ensures an efficient workflow from conception to the finished metal product. We support you in every project phase with our expertise and many years of experience. Our personal support ensures that your component meets your requirements exactly.

Selective laser melting

Why we?

The MJF 3D printing process is ideal for manufacturing components that are used in the automotive, electronics and mechanical engineering industries, for example. With the ability to print complex parts without the need for support structures, MJF offers time and cost savings over traditional manufacturing methods.

Selective laser melting

Applications of selective laser melting

The SLM process is ideal for highly complex metal components. Further possible applications can be found in the following overview:

  Specific applications
Precision Ideal for highly detailed metal components
Strength Perfect for high-performance components
Material diversity Flexible use for various metals
Design freedom Enables complex metal structures
rapid prototyping Rapid development and optimization of metal products
The right material for every application

Popular materials in the SLM process

Stainless steel

Properties: High strength, corrosion-resistant, versatile.


Properties: Lightweight, strong and easy to shape, ideal for aerospace applications.


Properties: Exceptional strength, corrosion resistant, biocompatible for medical applications.


Properties: Best thermal and electrical conductivity. Corrosion resistant.

SLM 3D printing service with PROTEC3D

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