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3D printing prototypes for development

At PROTEC3D, we understand the challenges of product development. The development and implementation of innovative ideas requires precise, fast and reliable solutions. Rapid prototyping with 3D printing forms the core of our offering to accelerate your product development processes.

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Our comprehensive 3D printing rapid prototyping services help you turn your vision into reality. Whether plastic or metal, we offer all common processes. In addition to selective laser sintering and multi-jet fusion, we also have extensive expertise in polyjet processes (MJM) and metal printing (SLM). We specialize in creating high-quality 3D printed prototypes to your exact specificationswho accompany you from the idea to series production.

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With 3D printing, functional prototypes can be created faster and more cost-effectively.
Advantages of additive manufacturing

Why 3D printing?

  1. Faster: The additive manufacturing (3D printing) utilizes several different processes for the rapid production of prototypes and end products.
  2. More versatile: A wide range of materials is available, providing flexible application possibilities in all different industries.
  3. More flexible: A customization of the prototypes is at any possible at any time.
  4. More cost-effective: From prototype to small series
  5. Functional: 3D prototypes are functional

Customized solutions with rapid prototyping processes

Every project requires an individual approach. Our experts in the field of rapid prototyping with 3D printing analyze your requirements and select suitable processes and materials. We guarantee fast implementation and the highest quality to achieve your goals.

From prototype to series production

The transition from a 3D printed prototype to series production is a critical step. With our experienced team and our expertise in rapid 3D printing, we make this transition as efficient and smooth as possible for you. We are your partner when it comes to having prototypes manufactured and developing them to market maturity.

3D printing process in detail

SLM (selective laser melting) SLS (selective laser sintering) FDM (Fused Deposition Modeling) SLA (stereolithography) MJF (Multi Jet Fusion) MJM (Multi Jet Modeling / Polyjetting)
Variety of materials High (metals) High (plastics) High (mainly plastics) High (resins / resin / photopolymer) High (plastics, metals) High (resins / resin / photopolymer)
Exemplary materials Stainless steel, aluminum, titanium, copper, etc. Polyamide, Alumide, TPU, etc. ABS, PLA, ASA, TPU, PETG and many more. Simulates a wide variety of plastics Polyamides, polyamides with GF content, TPU Simulates a wide variety of plastics and multi-material printing possible
Component strength High Medium to high Low to high Low to medium Medium to high Low to medium
Heat resistance High Medium Low to medium Low to high Medium Low to medium
Surface quality Medium-high (finishing possible) Medium-high (finishing possible) Low-medium High Medium-high (finishing possible) High
Production time Medium-high Medium-high Medium-high Low-medium Medium-high Medium-high
Cost per part High Low-medium Low-medium Medium-high Low-medium Medium-high
Use in the industry Prototypes, end parts, small series Prototypes, end parts, small series Prototypes, colored illustrative models High-quality prototypes, illustrative models Prototypes, end parts, small series Prototypes, colored illustrative models
Time saving High (Faster iterations) High (fast production, little rework) Medium (depending on size and complexity) Medium (depending on size and complexity) High (fast production, little rework) High (fast production with high quality and best visualization)
Cost savings Low (expensive manufacturing process) High (very good price-performance ratio) High (low material costs) Medium (greater effort for high surface quality) High (very good price-performance ratio) Medium (high material price, but best quality)
Suitable for complex geometries Yes Yes Partially restricted due to process Yes with certain restrictions (rework) Yes Yes with certain restrictions (rework)
Post-processing Means (removal of powder residues etc.) Little (removal of powder residues) Medium (removal of support structures) High (removal of support structures and grinding) Little (removal of powder residues) Medium (removal of support structures)
Customization High (simple design changes) High (simple design changes) Medium (depending on the printer hardware) Medium (depending on necessary support structures) High (simple design changes) High (simple design changes)
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